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DCBN Eco Friendly Award 
Capable Cleaners is delighted to announce that we have achieved the honorable recognition of being the runner-up in the Eco-Friendly Business category at the Domestic Cleaning Business Awards. Our commitment to producing a professional line of cleaning products stems from a profound awareness of the environmental and health impacts associated with such products. Unlike mass-market offerings that may compromise effectiveness for cost considerations, we have prioritized creating products suitable for regular use, with a keen focus on enhancing efficiency. 
In contrast to commonly available supermarket products, which may fall short in terms of effectiveness and environmental friendliness despite marketing claims, our dedicated efforts have resulted in a product line that meets rigorous standards. Notably, our antibacterial surface cleaner has demonstrated efficacy that surpasses typical supermarket counterparts, boasting a remarkable 100 times greater germ-killing effectiveness. 
Furthermore, our products are formulated to be biodegradable, free from phosphates, and devoid of animal-derived ingredients. This commitment to environmental sustainability and product excellence underscores our dedication to providing a superior and conscientious cleaning solution for our valued customers. 
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