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Being kind to the planet doesn't have to cost the earth and we take pride in using environmentally friendly products for all our cleaning services. We also have our own range of cleaning products which you can purchase on-line in our shop today. Capable Cleaners recognised some time ago that we have a responsibility to do our bit to protect our world through a more sustainable approach to the work we do. 
It is very important to be environmentally conscious, harsh chemicals go through the system and get pumped out into the sea. That's why we all have a responsibility to do our bit to protect our world through a more sustainable approach. 


Since 2012 we have cleaned and scrubbed countless houses and offices trying all manner of cleaning solutions along the way. Always looking for the perfect product to make cleaning easier, improve quality and have environmental awareness, we could never find quite find the product to fit all criteria. 
So what did we do? We decided to make our own! 
Through years of cleaning experience, we knew we needed cleaning solutions that worked as hard as us. Delivering professional quality results to the domestic market, while still maintaining an environmental awareness to reduce the impact on the world around us. 

 Care about environment  

 No harsh chemicals  

 Help fight allergies  


 Expecting a baby   

 Produced in the UK  


Our commitment is to use eco-friendly practices, products and solutions wherever possible and providing the highest quality eco-friendly cleaning service to our clients. 
Our products contain no phosphates, no animal derived products and our biodegradable. We use washable mop heads to reduce waste but still maintain high hygiene practices between clients. We even use reusable bags in our vacuums to reduce waste! 
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Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products are Healthier 
Our products are non-toxic and biodegradable. They also have a water and finger print repelling action that means your clean will last longer. Formulated using safe bacterial cultures, the general cleaning products digest and eliminate organic and greasy soils and stubborn stains from hard surfaces, soft furnishings and carpets.We buy our products in concentrate to reduce delivery miles and supply them in bottles made from recycled plastic. 
We use colour coded micro fibre cloths as these are made up of very small fibres which are capable of attaching to microscopic dirt, grease and bacteria particles. Because of this, micro fibre cloths are able to pick up much more dirt and bacteria than your typical cleaning cloth made from cotton or other materials. They also won't damage or scratch your surfaces! We even use micro fibre heads for our mops so they can be easily changed between each client and washed, reducing waste by not using disposable heads. 
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The benefits of an eco-friendly cleaning solution in Kent 

For a long time, eco-friendly products were considered to be inferior to the traditional, branded products you can buy on the High Street. But this is no longer the case. Green cleaning technology now means eco-friendly products are just as effective as the harmful, detergent-based alternatives. 
We use products that are free from contaminants and chemicals and that pose no risk to the environment and human health. 
Our Eco friendly products can still achieve the same exceptional cleaning standards that our clients expect. 


Safe for you, safe for the environment 
All our products and methods are safe to use in homes or workplaces where there are children and pets, and they also pose no risk to women in pregnancy or those who suffer with asthma or have allergies. 


If cleaning is something that takes priority, or if you are a business who need clean and tidy premises with environmentally friendly products, Capable Cleaners can help. Capable Cleaners provide a trustworthy, vetted and approved cleaning staff with a eco-friendly ethos and dedicated approach to cleaning your environment. 
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