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Does cleaning make you Happy? 
It is widely regarded that a cluttered and dirty area can have physical consequences, such as blocking a fire escape in the event of an emergency or causing slips trips and falls. It is also well known that a dirty area can let to infections and illness, but have you ever thought of the effect the same area could have on your mental health? 
Studies have shown that cluttered homes did very little to affect a persons mood but stress levels were raised. a raised stress level makes it hard to focus on the task in hand and can lead to distractions, making it more difficult and longer to complete tasks. The knock on effect of this is emotions such as confusion, tension and irritability. By cleaning, organising and decluttering people are able to take back control of the environment around them, reducing stress levels and the effects of this. 
In conclusion studies have show that a clean home can lower stress levels, resulting in health benefits, the feeling of calm and and a more productive day. At Capable Cleaners we schedule around 900 hours a month of cleaning for clients, so i guess you could say we are spreading happiness!  
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